The AR Mindset

I used to be a prolific poster years ago. I got tired when people just would not believe the truth and even argued against it. Even when time proved me right again and again I gained no ground in the situation. The next prediction was ignored as had been the last and the march toward the elimination of animal possession continued without hesitation.

I came to realize that several forces were working against me, primarily programming and the wishful thinking it engendered. Some just retained a childish belief that things in the far future are not of concern. Their opposition is not so limited and time has an unfortunate way of passing.

From an early age we are bombarded with AR propaganda. Much of it comes, not from the AR people themselves, but from others who have been fooled by their propaganda or heard only nice things through hearsay.

"A spoonful of sugar" may help the medicine go down but it can also make poison palatable. Many people with similar political leanings also "drink the Kool-Aid." It is hard not to. We are surrounded by it and most is encased in a hard shell of pleasantries or dire warnings that we had better swallow it or else.

The public face of the AR movement is always a mask of concern for animals, their feelings, comfort, treatment, etc. Most people share those concerns and so consider the AR person a fellow believer, if not worthy of support then at least not worthy of being opposed.

But the term "Animal Rights" is a lie too. AR is not a goal, it is a TOOL. The real aim of the movement is "Animal Liberation" and only a few are bold enough to come out and say it. Many of their followers are not even aware of it.

The underlying motivation is not love or even a real concern for animals but a loathing of humans. Humans are seen as a mass of unwanted and undeserving creatures who destroy everything they touch. Humans have NO right to anything on Earth - its space, resources, animals - nothing.

To the deep believer - the Earth Liberationist (ELF) - there is not even an elite core of humanity that deserves to survive. Humans are evil, a plague, and must be treated as such. Restrained, discouraged from reproducing, confined, even eliminated.

Some of you reading these words are offended. You share some of these beliefs. You dislike some humans having land, animals, harvesting resources, using them, owning certain things. Your view of others has been colored by a resentment engendered by those who play the class warfare, environmental, animal concern, and other cards. You can't help it. THOSE people should not be allowed to do THAT, whatever it is. And you will side with and vote for others who promise to harm those people. (Our founders could hardly have envisioned people voting to harm their fellow citizens.)

These divisive feelings are an inherent xenophobia left from our tribe/clan days. WE are right, others are wrong. This innate instinct is the tool the enemy uses to achieve their goals: division and hatred. Like the devil, they whisper in your ear, "THEY should not be allowed to do that, have that. Only the 'right people - if any' should."

To the AL/EL mind there is no 'right person" outside of him/herself, if then.

The goal is not to make animals happy in human companionship or even to have animals/the environment and humans live in harmony. It is to completely separate them. Just as a normal person has a zero-tolerance attitude toward contact with rabies, so too does an animal/earth liberationist have no tolerance for human and nature contact.

But these are the core believers. They are well insulated by layer over layer of lesser believers. Some do not understand the ultimate goal or rationalize it away. They just want "a little" liberation of the things they care about to keep "those people" restrained. For some it is fur, for some it is "enslaving animals", farming practices, breeding animals, owning land outside urban areas, etcetera, etcetera. For all it is anger, even hate, toward other humans and beliefs.

Each angry person is nothing much by themselves but hundreds of millions of them form malleable voting, funding, and lobbying mobs to be directed toward the goal of controlling others and removing freedoms and rights. Anyone who cannot see this in action is not paying attention. The goals are very advanced in Europe and almost as advanced in the United States.

We got here not just by action of HSUS and PETA but by the assistance of the millions of "useful idiots" (as Lenin put it) who heard a little bit of propaganda, never looked into those behind it, and took action to deprive their fellow citizens of the rights they themselves still expect to keep, or at least did not oppose it.

The real goal is to build a powerful central governing authority that can dictate individual human actions down to the most minute detail.

But even this is not enough for the deep AL/EL. They want to be gods. They want humanity gone and nature ordered to their conceited view.

It is gone now but for several years there was a website that admitted a little TOO much of the goals of these people. It called for the elimination of predators from nature. Prey species lived in a tyranny of fear of lions, tigers, wolves, eagles, hawks, foxes, etc. Only the elimination of these creatures would free the rest of the animal kingdom from eternal tyranny.

This is the ultimate "tell". People who have these leanings are not happy with liberty, human or animal. They want their morality and personal belief imposed on all of Earth. And in varying degrees those in the layers around them share those feelings and beliefs. When push comes to shove they will throw their support behind those who can advance those beliefs.

The concept of freedom from coercion by government is alien to these minds. As long as they can see someone else hurt they are content. As long as they can impose their morality on others they are proud. But heaven forbid anyone try to do the same to them!

In the end these are mean and petty people cut from the same cloth as all of history's tyrants. They feel no pity or kinship toward other humans, especially those who hold different beliefs. A rock has more rights than a hunter, animal trainer, breeder, or pet owner in their eyes. They are unmoved by the stories of the tears shed by those who lose their animal to an arbitrary law. "They shouldn't have had it in the first place."

Although they cloak themselves in claims of love, concern, and wanting to help, these people expose by their actions their callousness and lack of humanity. Those in the layers around them have varying degrees of this hardness, sometimes limited to small areas but there all the same.

The next time you find yourself thinking or saying, "those people" should not have or do something and you agree with a law to force them to give up a historic freedom or practice, ask yourself where that attitude came from. Odds are that it goes way back to something you were told/taught and never were adult enough to question the logic or consequence of it.

EVERY one of these AL/EL moves has bad consequences but only the most adult and logical can see it before it is too late. Once a right is taken away it is never given back because it proved to be a bad idea. Only a fight may win it again.

Fight to keep the right or fight to regain it.

Or submit to your master.

The ultimate goal of Animal and Earth Liberation is to liberate YOU from your rights. Do YOU want to be liberated that way?

Ray Rooney