Former HSUS Employee

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The author is correct, I use to work for HSUS, but when they told us to leave the dogs behind in their crates after hurricane Katrina, I knew something was wrong. When our Director told the judge to kill all the puppies we had just saved in a dog fighting operation, I was sure the HSUS was wrong. But, I kept going to the workshops and noticed that they became all about being part of the group by becoming vegan and hating anyone who owned or bred animals. These people are zealots who do not care about animals as they no longer accept the fact that we need animals and they need us to survive as a species. They believe animals cause global warming, therefore, they must no longer be on this earth. I began to read up on all of these things that Wayne spouted as crimes or why we should do this or that and found that he was twisting facts and in most cases lying. For example, 89% of hunters do so because they use the meat to supplement their meager salaries and keep their families fed. As for dog breeders 98% of them are not substandard and HSUS and PeTA made up this hate term "puppy mill" for slandering all dog breeders. He is pushing laws that make it harder for anyone to buy or breed a pet based upon less than 2% who do the job poorly. Like the Nazi's did to Jewish shop owners, they picket and slander pet shops to put them out of business not because they have done anything wrong but because they can push the public's button and in doing so they get more money.

Well stop being duped into this hate speech put out by HSUS and PeTA. Because what they plan for this world is not a world you will want to live in. NO PETS, NO MEAT, NO EGGS, NO DOMESTIC ANIMALS and NO MEDICINE AT ALL. This is Wayne's World and he wants you to hate anyone who eats meat or uses any medicine to treat your illness that came from animals. Now the real philosophy behind this insane new religion is the power to tell other human beings how to live. This is what the workshops are all about forcing others to comply through fear of being called an animal abuser. Hitler used it and so does Wayne. His hate speeches are rampant and subtle in their disguise but no less deadly for the animals and the human beings. Everyday, more and more dogs are killed by HSUS passed laws than ever passed through the shelter doors. Limits on how many you can own, killed thousands as people were forced to choose between their pets to turn over to shelters. Mandatory spay and neuter laws have killed over a 500 thousand as the poor must give up their pets as they cannot afford the high cost of spaying and neutering. Yes, he will tell you that there are low cost spay and neuter clinics, but not enough for the vast majority. Most people who are required to spay and neuter do not realize that some of the best pets actually come from the mating of two family pets who are already proven to be healthy and of the right personality. In fact, some breeds of dogs are so low in numbers now that they could be declared an endangered species if they were wild animals. This idea of wild versus domestic is being used to eliminate all domestic species even domestic reptiles are being killed off by the animal rights brigades who use the mantra of they ought to be in the wild when they never were. Don't give to HSUS or PeTA as these people want no pets, no meat, no medical research; they are clearly insane. I can tell you this first hand, having worked for them during my stupidity phase, of listening to their cries about tortured and abused animals. But their real mantra is better off dead than living in a warm home with a loving owner. You have to get pass their lies to see the truth and, in the workshops, they say if you say it long enough and loud enough people will believe anything. Check their stats and check what their actual outcome is and in every case and every law. We can do better than to give to HSUS which gives no money to care for the animals. Give locally and fight HSUS.