There Must Be A Better Way

WKSU - Kent State University
Jo Ingles, Statehouse Correspondent
Monday, November 26, 2012

From Listener Comments

There must be a better way to help people and animals in need.  No one ever goes into raising animals because they hate them.  The fact is people get sick, they die, get divorced, have financial problems, etc.

But, when this happens, who can they call?  Rescues have become big business, nothing more than second hand pet stores, who traditionally steal dogs from rightful owners under threat and then resale them at a profit.  Don't kid yourself, the term the rescues use is to bump them.  (Kill) them if they are old, injuried, blind etc.  Kind of like Obama care.  If you are deemed to be low on the resale value you die.

Rescues should be licensed and inspected, made to account for each and every animal they receive and be required to provide health care as needed.  The animals must be maintained in clean well maintained facilities to insure the safety of the population both human and animal.

If the state wants to assit in the theft of dogs and dispose of them based on rumors as they do now, the state must be required to provide proper housing for the animals including care and maintenence.

The state is required to build jails so when they enfore the law, prisoners can be held humanely... so why not the animals as well.  Then, the owners can be provided due process (as required by law) and the animals will be cared for and returned or disposed of under supervision of the law.

Or.. The State will provide assistance to the owners like they do for people who need food and care.  What a novel idea.  People taking care of both people and man's best friend.

The Animal Right's agenda has simply gone to far.  State supported terror must end and we collectively must start doing the right thing when it comes to people and animals alike.

Posted by: Jackson (Little Rock) on November 29, 2012 12:11PM